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Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question or questions that is not on this page please send us an e-mail, or Text, or give us a call! we are always here to assist you 24/7

  • How Long Have You Been In Business?
    Picture Us Photo Booths is a rather new name in the industry but that does not mean that we don't have experience in the field. We stem off our main company Bay City Events Inc. that has been in business for 20 + years, it's with that experience we share in the Photo Booth Industry. Servicing as Event Planners we have had the opportunity to work with many photo booth companies in the Bay Area until we decided to add our own Photo Booths. So with that experience we have the opportunity to make things better. We can assist you with a room diagram placing the Photo Booth in the perfect place that all your guests will enjoy and see.
  • Do You Provide a Photo Booth Staff?
    Yes We Do! We will provide a professional Photo Booth Host to assist you and your guests in getting that perfect Photo. She or He will stay for the duration of your event and hand you a Thumb Drive at the end of your party.
  • If My Venue or Park Does Not Have Power, Can You Provide Power?
    Yes we can and Yes We Will, Picture Us Photo Booths will provide a small generator to operate the Photo Booth for up to 4 hours. It's a quite generator so it won't be to bothersome. The best part of this deal ... It's FREE of charge! if you require more than 4 hours of service there will be a small fuel fee of $25.00, Not to bad!
  • How Long In Advance Should I Make A Reservation?
    We suggest that you book as soon as possible but if you can give us a month in advance that would be great for our books. We have been known to book last minute Booths but a small fee comes along with it.
  • Do You Charge For Set Up and Teardown?
    The only time we charge a fee for set up or tear down is if we need to go up any stairs or have to travel a long ways to get into your venue. Other than that we do not charge a set up/tear down fee.
  • Do You Charge For Delivery?
    The only time we charge for delivery is if we need to travel further than 30 miles from our office location in San Jose.
  • Do You Charge For Extra Photo Prints?
    We do not charge for additional Photo prints so long as it is not an extreme amount.
  • Do You Carry Insurance?
    Yes We Do! Our Insurance Policy is under our parent company Bay City Events Inc. and with that you will notice that all the Invoices and Contracts will be under Bay City Events Inc. (http://www.baycityevents.com) If you are required to be additional insured on our policy there is a fee of $150 per additional insured.
  • Do You Get The Printed Photo Immediately?
    Why Yes You Do! We have the latest in printing technology that allows for instant printing with in 1 min of taking the photo.
  • How Many Photos Can You Take at The Event?
    We can take as many as you wish! We are always prepared for more than usual circumstances.
  • Do You Provide a Thumb Drive of all the pictures of my party?
    Yes We Do! At the end of our contracted time the booth host will download all the photos the booth has taken and present it to you on a custom Picture Us Photo Booths Thumb Drive! It's free on us!
  • What If Some Of My Guests Want a Copy Of The Thumb Drive? Can They?
    Yes They Can? Although there is a small fee of $10.00 per Thumb Drive.
  • Do You Require Any Thing From The Venue Like a Table, Extension Cords?
    No! Absolutely Not! We Are a full service Photo Booth Company, We will provide all the equipment we need. We will never ask the venue for anything other than a glass of water or soda! We provide the tables we need along with fitted table linens. Your Photo Booth Host will bring all the extension cords he or she may need along with 3" thick Gaff Tape (All Venues require you to tape down all wires that may cause a tripping hazard! and they only allow the use of Gaff Tape, We carry 3 colors! Red, Black, and White!
  • What Form Of Payment Do You Accept?
    We accept all major forms of payment. Cash, Credit Card, If paying by Check (Must be paid 10 days prior to service date) all final payments are due (7) Seven days prior to your event date, a deposit is due upon signing of the contract. Checks are made payable to: Bay City Events Inc.
  • What If I Need To Cancel My Booking?
    We are sorry that you need to cancel your booking with us. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future. All deposits and/or Payments on your account are non-refundable upon receipt. Although we understand that for some reason or another you needed to cancel your booking we would offer you up-to (1) one year from the date of your cancelation to use the paid funds towards another date. If your date was in the month of December we can honor that booking for anytime of the year including the month of December. If your booking was any other month besides December we will honor that booking for anytime of the year except for any day or date in  December or New Years Eve.


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